Data is from ~30,000 responses to the gay cliques census.

Sexual Activity of Gay Cliques

The chart above shows average number of sexual partners for non-monogamous survey responses.  (Meaning, folks who didn’t have just one sexual partner in a six month period).  Its ordered by least sexually active group to most.

Its not surprising that Gainers (25% of which don’t associate with a sexual role) and Chubs (who are the least sought after group) are the least sexually active groups.  It also shouldn’t be surprising that the most sought after groups (the gym bunnies, muscle pups, gym rats, muscle bears, and bulls) have the most sexual partners.

What is surprising is the addition of a new clique, “Pig."  While I have a lot of data on people who identify as pig, the body type varies so greatly that they have not appeared on the live infographic.  The only defining constant for pigs is how sexual they are, with the most sexual partners in 30 days of any group.

There seems to be a relationship between generation and sexual history, as there also seems to be more tops in the older generations.

And good news for smooth guys and the extremely hairy: you get lots of sexual partners for your hirsutism (or lack thereof).  But if you’re average, you get laid less.

Next steps: using this information to help target sexual health PSAs better.