In a rare twist of fate, my flight was over booked and my previously center seat was upgraded to exit row plus (I have both seats even though flight is booked?). Look at all that leg room!

It’s been such an adventure: charity beach parties in Taiwan, exploring Tokyo by ouija board, indulging in exotic meats of rare animals, and more. And yet, I am having trouble fully enjoying this trip by myself.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

My adventure is home with big pup, lil pup, Chuck pup, the most important people of my life. When I proposed to big pup, I told him he was my greatest adventure. Being apart for so long only reinforces how true that is. Just typing these words has me tearing up…I’m a mess without them.

I would drift off during my trip, imagining what it would be like if they were with me, or if I were home now what we’d be doing. Big pup would spend the entire day in this book store, lilpup would fall in love with the onsen, these Asian guys would maul Chuck pup.


I’m coming home. Thank you for waiting for me, pups.