Let’s talk about Tops and Bottoms.

I asked respondents to indicate their sexual role on a scale of 1 (total bottom) to 5 (total top), with 3 being versatile and 0 indicating that this question wasn’t relevant to them. ¬†(Not all folks use top/bottom roles, etc).

Overall, the distribution of tops and bottoms follows a near-perfect bell curve, with most folks being “Versatile.”

But, when we break it down by Cliques…it gets interesting:

  • Daddies are statistically more likely to be tops than any other clique
  • Twinks, Cubs and Bulls (surprise!) are the most likely to be bottoms
  • Bears (topish) compliment Cubs (bottomish)

This has been added to the live infographic, so it will be updated as more data comes in. ¬†Though, with nearly 8,000 responses, these averages won’t change much.