So basically I in about a year or so I managed to skip right over the bear stage :3

What is this test?!!?

What the actual fuck?! They have this down to a science now?

Yeah, noodlesandbeef made the Gay Cliques Census a while back. It’s pretty interesting actually.

Hi, I made this.  You can see the project here and read all about it here.

The data presented represents (currently) over 80,000 survey responses from gay men around the world.

The “Definer” tool calculates the euclidean distance of your stats against the average states of every clique.  The shorter the distance, the closer you are to the average body type of that clique.

The tool was actually designed to drive viral traffic to the census by using a “triggering” CTA like Define Me (I also tested What am I? and Where do I belong?).  The tool generated (in a peak month) almost 300 facebook shares a day, and also helped me refine results when people felt they were incorrectly defined.

The tool is accurate for physical attributes, but identity in the gay community is more than how much body hair you have.  Ultimately, if you identify as a Bear, Bull, Twink, or a Turtle you are that.  And nobody can tell you otherwise.

I identify as Beyoncé.