Anonymous asks:
Just curious how you think race figures into this. The model for these "types" revolves around Eurocentric concepts. For example, body and facial hair is not common in all races. Median height is different between races as well. Further, "twinks" used to refer specifically to young skinny blondes. Many races, regardless of how they fit into classifications you've laid out would fit into the cliques aside to them, as a result of race. That said, I gather that your focus is specifically on body types, so this question may be completely irrelevant. I will say it's an interesting survey you're taking, Just thought I'd ask a complication question.

This is a pretty popular question, that I’ve answered a couple times before, but you bring up an interesting concept: Eurocentric features.

Hair is an incredibly strong definer between cliques, just a little extra fur can make the difference between being a Bear and a Chub.

Height, however, makes no difference.  I actually use height in conjunction with waist size and weight to calculate volumetric density (it’s kind of like bodyfat percentage), which plays an important role in social grouping.