Bears VS Muscle Bears

Sorry for not making a survey update for the past few days.  I’ve been working on a “Live” infographic that will aggregate results in a more interactive way.  But, it’s a pain in the ass working with Google’s spreadsheet API.

Until I get that finished, here’s a radar chart showing the difference between Bears (orange) and Muscle Bears (blue).

Whats the difference between a Muscle Bear and a Bear-Bear?  Body fat and Age.

  • Muscle Bears are (on average) 10 years older than their Bear counterparts.
  • Bears are 20-30lbs heavier than Muscle Bears
  • The average waist size for Muscle Bears is 35", while the average for Bears is 39"

What does this mean for Bears?  If you lose 20-30lbs of fat, you will double the amount of people who are into you.  Unless you live in New York.

This chart was made using Google’s Chart API, so feel free to take it apart.

This survey is ongoing, so please take it if you haven’t yet, or tell your friends to take it.  Especially if they’re older, a Muscle Bear, or a Twink.