It’s time for Gay Interests by Region.

Half of people who took my survey gave me their location.  Using this information, I can see how region affects who you’re into.  (And what cliques exist where, but that’s later).  Just like my other heat graphs, the number in each box is the percentage from average that a region is into a clique.  (Eg, Florida is 9% more into Chubs than the average).  

There’s a lot of information in this graph, so please let me know if you have questions:

  • Bears are most popular in The Western States, and particularly popular in Los Angeles, where they’re ~19% more popular than everywhere else.
  • Bears are not very popular in The Northeast, especially in New York, where they’re ~19% less popular than everywhere else.
  • Cubs are popular almost everywhere.
  • Muscle Bears (like normal bears) are not very popular in The Northeast. But they’re really popular in The South.
  • The Midwest (especially Minnesota) is the most equal opportunity of all these regions, not caring about looks 4% more than everywhere else.
  • Atlanta and San Francisco are the most looks-centric.

You can summarize these results pretty simply:

  • The West loves Bears and Cubs, but not Daddies
  • The Midwest likes everyone except Twinks
  • The South is pretty obsessed with bears and muscle cliques, but really dislikes Daddies.
  • The Northeast is the only place where Twinks are popular and Muscle Bears are not.

The survey is ongoing, so please take it if you haven’t already, or tell your gay friends.  I’m only able to show the top cities and locations because many places don’t have enough data…but if more people take my survey I can show regional data with more confidence.