In the spirit of controversy, I’ve taken my previous chart with Cliques-into-Cliques, but now it’s broken down by age group.  Data has been weighted by group and normalized to prevent data skewing by over-represented groups.  (I’m looking at you, Bears).  The number shown is the percent difference from average.  (Eg, 17-and-younger is 17% more likely to be into Chubs than the average survey taker).

But why is this chart controversal?

  • Younger people (under 35) are more equal-opportunity than older people who took my survey.
  • Between 18-34 participants interest across cliques’ peaks.
  • Another way to look at this is that after 35, guys start to hone-in on what they want and become more exclusive to that type.
  • This downward trend starts to level off at 55+ (which is the upper limit of my data)
  • Guys 17-and-under REALLY like chubs.
  • Interest for Daddies drops steadily as we go up in age groups, but there’s this weird spike in Daddy lust around 45-54…before dropping again.

Please keep in mind that this is not progressive data; you aren’t necessarily going to stop liking something as you age.  What we’re seeing here is how different generations of gays like different cliques.

The survey is ongoing, so please take it if you haven’t already, or tell your gay friends.  There are some fringe cliques (Bulls, Wolfs and Gym Bunnies) that I have very little data on, and it would be nice to see how they fit in this chart.