UPDATED: I’ve updated the chart to be more readable.  The listed percentages are now relative to the average person who took my survey.  (eg: Muscle Bears are 27% more into Muscle Bears than most people; Daddies are -20% less into Chubs than most people).


It’s time to talk about Who’s-into-Who.

My survey asked folks what kind of men they’re interested in.  Using this data, I’ve created an ugly matrix comparing Cliques (left-to-right) with interested ins (top-to-bottom).  The number inside each box is the percent of participants who are into the corresponding Clique.  This is also colour-coded.  RED means they’re most likely into something, BLUE means they’re not interested.

Let’s begin.

  • Muscle Bears are the most desired group.  Muscle Bears are also the most exclusive, with 90% of Muscle Bears are into other Muscle Bears.  The next closest interest are Cubs, but less than half of Muscle Bears are even into them.  Ouch.
  • Twinks are the least desired group.  Even Twinks dislike themselves.  Chubs (who are physically VERY different from Twinks) are the most interested in Twinks.
  • People who don’t identify with any cliques (No Labels on the Matrix) are the most equal-opportunity, followed by Pups and Twinks.
  • Most cliques are somewhat into themselves.
  • 50-65% of Chubs are into cliques that weigh 230lbs or more.

The survey is ongoing, so please take it if you haven’t already, or tell your gay friends.  There are some fringe cliques (Bulls, Wolfs and Gym Bunnies) that I have very little data on, and it would be nice to see how they fit in this chart.