I now have enough data to contrast Twinks (purple) and Chubs (pink).  This is part of my ongoing Gay Cliques Census.  (Previously graphed: Bears vs Cubs).

Just like last time, the solid line is “average” while the solid area is one deviation above/below the median; if you fall inside this area you’re probably one of these cliques.

Interesting information represented in this graph:

  • Twinks and Chubs have the most drastic difference in physical appearance of any clique in my dataset.
  • People that consider themselves twinks are absolutely tiny!  The average waist size is barely 30" and the max weight is ~180lbs.
  • Folks that identify as chubs are quite large.  Chubs have the highest body weight and largest waist size of any clique.
  • Both twinks and chubs aren’t very hairy.
  • See that white gap around Waist/Weight? Because Twinks doesn’t fully overlap Chubs it’s impossible to ever be a Chubby Twink or a Twinkish Chub.  (Unlike Bears/Cubs where there is a definite limbo grey area).

Next up: Pups and Otters

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