Anonymous asks:
So, I took the gay clique census and it labelled me as an otter. From what I have seen, otters are tall, gairly hairy, and very slim. I am short (5'4 tall), muscular (160lbs, which on 5'4 shows BMI to be considerd 'overweight' even though my weight is due to muscle mass and not fat), and hairy. I notice that the census doesn't differentiate between weight that is muscle or fat. Can that be made an option? I believe it make several results more accurate.


I’ve written about this a few times already.

But, if you look carefully at the data visualization, you might see this:

As you’ve already explained, BMI is flawed and doesn’t take into account ratio of fat to muscle.  That’s why I’m calculating VOLUMETRIC DENSITY!!!

This is the formula the US Marines use to check body composition.  The higher your volume to weight ratio, the more body fat you have.  Volume is calculated as a cylinder where the circumference is given waist size.  Its not perfect, but its better than asking people to self select as “fat” or “muscled.”