Anonymous asks:
About your census project, can you please include some metrics on race? As a gaysian, I feel regularly disenfranchised wherever I go, so it would be really interesting to see where I fall in your survey's "Most Likely Appreciated" section. It really hit me because as a twink, the section said Melbourne would be a good place to be, but common knowledge and research into sexual racism shows that Asians are on the bottom of most white Australian's lists.

I have data on race, but haven’t released it yet. Spoiler alert: it’s very controversial.

I won’t be doing a racial preference analysis, because that’s been done several times and it’s pretty clear that white gay dudes are most desired. Being a gay man of color cuts your chance of being “desirable” by 75%. I am too lazy to Google this study for citation.

I will be releasing sexual activity by clique affiliation and race soon. Despite being subject to sexual racism, gay men if color get laid way more than their white counter parts. Especially Pacific Islanders, who have the most sexual partners of any racial minority.

This is not new information. The SF sexual health council does a yearly study on gay men with nearly identical results to my online survey. Again, I’m too lazy to cite a link right now. I’m on my phone. I’m sorry.

Eventually I’ll have enough data to express affiliation with gay cliques by race. There is a theory that Asians are less likely to identify as bear…but initial data says this only happens in regions where Asians are a minority. (Interesting!)