igotahugedick asks:
why don't you have an "about me" section. i've been seeing random pics of you all over the internet, so clearly you're very popular. but i don't really know what FOR? is it just because you're a sexy bitch with a perfect ass? so like, what do you do (somebody asked, but you just said "computers")? do you do porn or something? would you consider it? where do you live? like all those can be in a "about me" type section.

I’ve got an “About Me” section at the top of my blog.  In case you can’t see it, here’s what it says:

I am your host, Noodles and Beef, and welcome to my blog. It’s my creative dumping ground and journal. I post work from my photo projects, sketches from my notepad, and infographics from my research. Sometimes I write about my body dysmorphia but more often I post photos of my butt.

I’m a gay, 25-year-old who lives in San Francisco, and I do computer stuff for a living. Your hair looks amazing today.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it!

I guess that is more about my blog content, doesn’t really explain who I am? I kind of feel like my blog should be able to tell folks who I am…after all, it is a journal of my life and me and my stuff.

Also, I wouldn’t consider myself popular.  I’m just prolific.

Contrary to your statement that I’m a sexy bitch (thank you), the majority of my blog traffic goes to my web projects, like my Gay Cliques Census, or tumblr tools.  And before I did web stuff, I was sort of an okay artist, and my doodles used to be the most popular things I would post.

I mostly post photos of myself to help me explore my body image issues and find personal acceptance for how I look…and the positive affirmations I receive from my few readers is really helpful too.

Also, I don’t do porn.  I used to be the Art Director for COLT Studios, and attempted a scene with Logan McCree, but I don’t do porn.  I’m definitely not cut out for that world.

I’m really bad at writing an “About Me” section.  If you have something you want to know, just ask!