sniperslovenest submitted:

Howdy. I like your online shizz. 
And I totally dig it when you lend insight about your tastes in graphic design.
Howevah… A long time ago I had to live blawg at the gay erotic awards in SF. There were a lot of handsome men there. but I particularly noticed a rather jaw-droppingly captivating young dude, who quickly crossed the carpet … and wasn’t interested in having too many pictures taken. however, i snapped one image, above. later on — when i saw you online — i wondered if you beefed up and was, in fact, that same dude i noticed in SF. would you please confirm or deny? thanks. and please keep up the good werq. Dan in dallas.  

Oh my god. Wow. Yes, that is definitely me.  I was so skinny back then!
I was attending the Gayvn awards because I was part of a nomination for Art Direction for a COLT title.  I don’t remember which…might’ve been Hooked Up.  The entire award show was a blur.
I remember going to the upstairs bathroom and walking in on a group of porn stars taking turns snorting from a pile of white powder.  Just.  Sitting there.  A mound the size of my fist.
I think I left after that.
Wow, my backpack was so clean and white back then.