Anonymous asks:
Your recent pictures from your trip have you nude and I'm guessing your travel companions were the ones to take the photos. Do you have an open relationship with Pup or are you just comfortable with nudity around friends?

Actually, the nude pics were taken using my remote trigger.  No assistance necessary.  I’m a stubborn control freak like that.

I was raised by nudists, so sometimes I forget it’s not socially acceptable to be naked when you’re alone or with friends.  It is not meant to be a sexual thing, it’s just much more comfortable for me, clothes are irritating.  Sorry, Chuck and Phil.

Heh…I remember when I first left the clothing-ignorance bubble of Santa Cruz.  I was trying to befriend a stranger at this cafe and tried inviting him back to a bath house I heard about nearby.  Because, thats what you did when you had friends: you would get naked and talk about social issues over tea at a bath house.

He was not amused.