ltlbull asks:
I was looking for some recent workout routines of yours in /workout but I only found a heavy/light leg day and an older heavy chest day (and lots of good Q&As). Have you changed your training style while cutting? Are you still using Alexey's, your trainer's, or a program of your own devising? Enquiring minds, etc.


I’m doing a completely new routine based on the Colorado Experiment. Casey Viator performed the Colorado Workout for four weeks and gained ~63-pounds of muscle while losing ~20lbs of fat. On average, he gained 4lbs of muscle per workout. His results are astonishing.

No steroids were involved during the Colorado Experiment, but Casey is a genetic freak.  His results are insane.  That’s not to say the workout didn’t return results for normal folks.  A 63-year-old man was able to gain ~24lbs of muscle (and lost ~15lbs of fat) in four weeks as well.

Pup and I are trying a slightly modified version of his workout during our cutting phase, and so far we’ve both seen fat reduction and slight increases in a couple of measurements.  (My chest is up two inches).  However, we probably won’t get such dramatic results as out cutting diet doesn’t have the nutritional capacity for such muscle growth.

Just like my diet, I’m hesitant to recommend this workout until I see concrete results.  Buuuut, if you really want to try it, here’s the gist:

  • 4-5 exercises per muscle group per day.
  • 1 set to complete failure for each exercise.
  • Negative reps only
  • 5-seconds down tempo for each rep
  • When you can’t do the up/down, hold the weight till your muscles fail.
  • Rest 1 minute, move to next exercise.

The tricky part is pushing yourself to failure.  You need a workout partner to ensure you’re not just giving up because it hurts, but actually giving up because your body physically cannot move the weight anymore.