astarnamedwill asks:
I see guys on campus with the lock and chain necklace and I want to go up to them and tell them how hot I think it is. What should I say? Is there some secret Dom/Sub language or handshake? I think what makes it weird is that I'm a tall lanky nerd and not a beefcake....

I really don’t know much about this sort of thing.

BUT, when I want to break the ice with someone wearing a lock, I just ask “who has the key?”  You will get one of these responses:

  • "I have the key"
  • "My boyfriend has it"
  • "My boyfriend lost it, I’ve had this on since Folsom"
  • "My ex has it, we broke up during Folsom"
  • "My Sir/Master has the key"
Not all leather folk can be identified using locks around their necks.  Old Guard leather folk use the antiquated hanky code, while new generation leather folk wear leather sashes they earned pagenting the leather circuit: