stormdthecastle asks:
So the same question will be going to your pup. But how important is the lock in terms of your collar? I just have the mental age of you two totally going lock shopping together at hardware stores. Trying on big ones and small ones. Black ones and colored ones. Does the lock signify anything more then the ownership?

A common misconception on my relationship with Dan is that I somehow “own” him.  We are equals.

The lock is symbolic of our relationship in the same way that a wedding band or friendship bracelet is symbolic of those relationships.  The chain, however, is less symbolic, and has changed several times:


Dan outgrew the first chain rather quickly, and the chunk-style links would snag on his chest hair, making it really uncomfortable.  The next chain broke.  So I upgraded the stainless steel to a titanium chain, but it had a weird metallic smell.

After extensive research, the best chain ended up being a 22-inch choke collar used on dogs.  The curved links don’t catch his hair and the gauge is thick enough that it doesn’t break…even after some very rough play.

The lock is a vintage Masterlock from their designer-y luggage collection. Its pretty, but you see it on a lot of subs.  As our relationship progresses, I will probably commission a jeweler to forge a custom padlock.