hugotumblea said:

JUST THREE?! I was thinking could be 6 or 8, but 3?! ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

Yes, just three.  Well, more like two and a half.  I’m a super light-weight.  I was already drunk from the first shot.  Not buzzed, not tipsy, but stumbling drunk.  And I showed butt photos to coworkers.  So drunk.  One shot.

It’s why I don’t drink.  That, and alcohol is bad for you.

negrovsnerd said:

Forget your screeching headache… Where did you get that tee?

I bought it at Hollister a few years ago. They are constantly rotating their shirt styles, so it’s no longer available.  But there are plenty of California Republic shirts online.

I need cuddles for this headache.