nutsassorted-deactivated2015010 asks:
What was it like being raised by nudists?

When my parents would take me to the beach or bath house we’d get undressed and just be naked.  There would be other naked people there, sometimes friends, sometimes people I knew…and thats just how it was! My step dad spent most days naked outside in our backyard, my biological father would take me to a mixed sex bath house every Friday. 

That’s just how it was. I thought that was the normal. Maybe you’d wear clothes to the beach if it was cold. Otherwise you got naked. Whatever!

When you wanted to unwind and socialize with people, you went to a bath house, got naked, and enjoyed a soak while discussing apartheid. It wasn’t a sexual thing…people just seemed more comfortable without clothes.

I had no idea this wasn’t “normal” till after I moved away from Santa Cruz when I tried taking a new friend to a bath house. So embarrassing.