Ugh, I need to get back into drawing. I’m so rusty and all my stuff is so sketchy!

Anyway.  Enough doodle complaints…here’s some slash fiction:

A Personal Trainer by day and Disk Jockey by night, JT had experienced the highs and lows of being an A-list Muscle Bear.  His good looks and excellent beat-matching had become a curse he could never escape…everyone wanted to be him (or with him) and the attention suffocated JT.

“Oh, to be THAT scrawny,” JT sighed, eyeing the wimpy Filipino kid struggling with bench presses.  He was one of the lucky ones: his unfortunate genetics would prevent him from escaping Twinkdom while his adult acne would protect him from popularity.  And yet, there was something endearing about him that made JT’s heart flutter.

“Excuse me, JT?” The skinny Filipino’s voice pitched, forever stuck in puberty, “Can you show me how to be a Muscle Bear?” JT quickly turned him away, warning him he would never be big enough to become a Muscle Bear before hurrying off.  His heart pounding…how could he fall for this twink when he needed to protect him from the contagious burdens of beardom?

He was actually wearing a tank-top, but the drawing looked much better shirtless.