5 Tricks to Dress Yourself Beefier!

Bigger guys are usually only into other bigger guys.  If you’re a smaller guy who wants to attract a bigger guy, you can better your odds in two ways:

  • Working out to grow bigger
  • Using optical illusions to make yourself appear bigger

I’ve covered my diet and workout for anyone who wants to bulk, but here’s some tricks for dressing to look bigger:

  1. Wear tops with thick, horizontal stripes. Or bright, loud colours.  (This is the opposite of how larger guys wear dark colours to trim their figure).
  2. Pick shirts with shorter sleeves to emphasize your arms. My favourite come from Abercrombie & Fitch.
  3. Always wear darker bottoms.  Dark boot-cut jeans and black corduroy are good.
  4. Capris and longer-shorts cut your height and make you look proportionately wider.
  5. Emphasize your shoulders and chest by wearing a backpack with a chest strap.
  6. When appropriate, a square-cut tank-top will emphasize your shoulders and neckline.  2xist makes the best square-cut tank top.
  7. Besides being incredibly manly, thick suspenders can help broaden your shoulders while de-emphasizing your love handles.  (Note: suspenders can give more attention to your belly, so use with caution).

Most of these tricks work by breaking up your proportions using colour, patterns or different lengths of clothes.  By controling your propotions and appearance you can give the illusion of being much bigger than you actually are.

If I’m missing something, please let me know!