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I took the pups on an 8-hour hike through Marquam Nature Park.

It was raining about 90% of the time…It was amazing.

I wish I had my Edible Wild Plants of the Pacific North-West book…I think I identified about a dozen plants I wanted to eat.  Like freshly sprouting fiddlehead ferns.

Leather Bar


Then in walks this sweet guy who is friends with the coach. I must admit not really my usual type… there were a lot of bigger leather men I would have melted from just talking to them… but this was sweet enough… and there was just something about him that I really liked. You know when you just look at a guy and you just find them incredibly attractive but you can’t put your finger on why? We get to talking and we hit it off. The theme for the evening at the club was called “Mastery” and was very much Dom/sub throughout. As you might imagine… I quickly became the sub to this rather sweet but utterly filthy Dom.

Great kisser, knew how to work my nipples and take effortless control of me. It seems we’re a good match. Came on his boots… he made me lick it off. It’s a Disney fairytale. 

Eventually we get to the end of the night and he asks what I’m up to for lunch. Names are exchanged (he’s a friend of the coach on facebook), plans are made and we’re meeting in our normal clothes in Waterloo station. A lovely day. Cuddles… cheeky grabbing and groping… holding hands in public (and not in the gay areas of London)… went to an art gallery, had lunch, did some shopping. It was what I like to describe as a “comfortable” day. It was easy. There was no force needed to get along. He’s a bit odd and quirky… but so am I. He’s a bit of a nerd too which is good to know. 

He gave me the biggest kiss goodnight and off I go back home feeling on top of the world. 


"Came on his boots… he made me lick it off. It’s a Disney fairytale."


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Portland with my pups.

Did a lot on day one.  Ate a little bit of everything and did some window shopping.  Got lost in Powell’s City of Books.  Ended up in China town.  Made our way through the Pearl.  Ate more.

Good times.

Tomorrow we go hiking in the rain!

Hold on there, this is important.

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