Noodles and Beef

Anonymous asks:
Hi Dylan and Pups, I have enjoyed reading your adventures, trials and life experiences over the last couple of years. As a native Washingtonian I just wanted to give you a heads up about living in Seattle. You will need a car to get around the area. This includes going to the East side (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond) as well as to the peninsula and to points north of Seattle. If you would like more info on area events, both Gay and Straight please let me know in your blog.

Yes!  Please send all the tips!

Big pup and I have cars, there’s zipcar near our house, and I think pup Bef wants to get a car when he moves…we’ll see.

Anonymous asks:
Could you please back up your claim that "a lot of people seem very fake" from Los Angeles with specific examples? Thank you.

The “Fake Los Angeles People” phenomenon is going to make a lot of people unhappy.  I highly recommend googling “Fake Los Angeles People” and reading the many explanations as to why this happens. It’s important to recognize that this is a common stereotype, but not a rule.

And once you do that, here’s my take:

Why are people from LA perceived as fake?

Some folks blame the entertainment industry, others say its the plastic surgery culture, or that everyone is too superficial to develop meaningful relationships.

I have a different theory.

In a 2008, peer-reviewed study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, Seattle was ranked the least extroverted city in America.

What are the social implications of a city of introverts like Seattle?  

Newcomers to the area have described Seattleites as being standoffish, cold, distant, and not trusting.  Its so prevalent, this phenomenon is called the “Seattle Freeze.”

Of course, these people aren’t actually giving you the cold shoulder.  They’re just introverts, and they made the rules of socializing in Seattle.  If you want to make friends with an introvert, it requires patience.

In that same study, Los Angeles was ranked the most extroverted city in America.

Dare we ask…What are the social implications of a city of extroverts like Los Angeles?


One extrovert is great. I can handle that. But an entire city?!  I hate referencing this clickbait, but BuzzFeed really nails it.

Everyone in LA is so darn sociable and friendly, but it doesn’t seem genuine when you’re a complete stranger.  I believe this is why people in LA are described as fake.

No, many of them aren’t actually fake. They’re all just deliriously friendly puppy dogs.  But thats not normal for many people, so it comes off as fake.

bigmusk asks:
is a part of you sad about leaving SF? what do you feel are the things you're gonna miss most about it? is the high cost of living the sole reason for the move? also, why not just move to L.A. instead?

Why not move to LA?

Because my pups and I unanimously dislike the idea of living in LA for these reasons:

  • Air pollution
  • Its hot
  • A lot of people seem very fake
  • You have to own a car
  • There are more jobs in our respective industries in other cities

Things I will miss about San Francisco:

  • Its been my home for 10-years, so I’ll miss having that local’s knowledge that comes with living somewhere for a decade.
    • What the best farmer’s market is (Castro)
    • How to get across town in 20min during rush hour (I’ll take it to my grave)
    • Where to go on a good hike
    • Oh, and you don’t need to own a car to get places
  • The massive leather community and all that it offers
  • Unique, gay-centric, dance parties
    • Flagging in the Park
    • Real Bad
    • Play (tank and beef’s first circuit party)
    • HERO (my all-time favourite tea dance, which is long since dead, sadly)
    • Sanctuary
    • Being able to do Hero and then close the night with Sanctuary.  Ahh, I loved that.
  • Food
    • Super Duper Burger
    • Espetus
    • City View Dim Sum
    • That Indian place by West Portal Station
    • That Italian place at the entrance to North Beach
  • Places
    • North Baker Beach (nude)
    • AIDS Memorial Grove
    • That rooftop public parklet downtown where I regularly had public sex with my pups during my lunch break
    • Kabuki bath house

I’m really hoping we discover some fun parties up in Seattle.  Its something I’ll miss the most about SF, even if the party scene was dying.

bulkbloke asks:
What made you wanna move from SF to Seattle? Curious

San Francisco is the most expensive city in America. It’s so expensive, that the cost of living was negatively affecting everyone’s quality of life.

Moving one person is hard. But moving five?

I presented my pups with a “three year plan” to abandon SF back in April, 2014. That would give us plenty of time to wrap up our work and school obligations while we researched potential destinations for New San Francisco.

Our top picks were: Portland, Seattle, Austin, and Chicago.

We ended up picking Seattle over Portland because the job market is three times bigger and we have more friends in the emerald city. (However, we all agreed that if “Seattle sucks,” we’d move to Portland anyway).

Big pup started to get antsy around year two of our plan. He’s the most mobile of us and wanted to move a year early by driving up this Fall. I liked the idea. It would give us momentum to actually leave San Francisco.

Then, out of nowhere, a company I had previously turned-down sent me a new offer. They desperately needed someone to build a team for them in either Seattle or Tokyo.

It was an incredible opportunity.

I’ve spent the last month flying to Texas and Washington negotiating. Yesterday, I finally signed.

Now I was moving to Seattle first.

Pup bef decided this was actually a good time to leave Hawaii…so he’s going to drive up with me next month. Then tank and big pup move up in August, followed by Alpha in November.

I’m excited for the move.


Cheat meal!!!

Seattle, you’re getting DP’d all weekend!

In other news: I got a job in Seattle and am leaving San Francisco a year earlier than planned. Spending the weekend looking at apartments, signed a lease on a four bedroom penthouse downtown for the pups and I. Yay, changes!

growingcub asks:
How did you find submissive guys that want to be your pups, even online most people iv seen don't take it seriously. It almost seems like it's impossible

When I was dating, I didn’t look for submissive guys.  I did my own thing and it attracted like-minded people who shared my interests and wanted to befriend me.  Sometimes this platonic love would grow into romantic feelings.  As the relationship progressed, we’d explore power exchange if it was appropriate.

I don’t think its a good idea to form a relationship on just power exchange.  That seems shallow and destined for disappointment.  You should be best friends, share lots of hobbies, inspire each other, AND have wild kinky BDSM sex.  In that order.

Nevertheless, I am propositioned daily by strangers online who want to submit to me.  It is very unbecoming and makes me uncomfortable.  Perhaps because I’m a demisexual and can’t get into it without first having a romantic connection.

omgatgnat asks:
Which genetic test did you use? Would you recommend it?

The test used was from 23andme.

The ancestry results have completely shattered my understanding of cultural identity and left me lost and confused.

Highly recommended.

Anonymous asks:
Serious question. As an ethnic minority do you feel a sense of pride that your pups are all white? I am Asian American and know that when I get to top a White boy I feel a twinge of pride. Because of the way that Asian men are portrayed as being small dicked and nerdy. Just wanted to know if you felt the same or something similiar.

GIF is unrelated to my response. I just feel like we need something funny to set the tone because race is such a trigging topic to people who read my blog.

I don’t do race play. It doesn’t turn me on, I don’t have a preference of one race to another, I do not have a sense of pride about sexually dominating someone who is not subjugated to racial prejudice.

One of my kinks is dominating people that are stronger, smarter, and significantly bigger than me. The juxtaposition of power between my pups and I is extremely hot.

  • Me: Raised by poor, divorced, alcoholic parents.  Kicked out at 18. Couch surfed community college.  Short in height, scrawny in appearance, uselessly large cock.
  • My pups: High socio-economic status, well-educated, emotionally mature, tall, broad, super-heavyweight bodybuilder sized, very handsome.

Race is not something I consider in the power dynamic…although I know some folks who do that, it doesn’t do anything for me.

Anonymous asks:
The Philippines from the beginning of this year became part of Polynesia rather than Asia. So you could still be filo. It’s such an ethnically diverse place anyway

I think you’re referring to the United States Census reclassification of Filipino people from Asian to Pacific Islander?  Well, that was a hoax which the Census Bureau responded to here.

In the same way that congress reclassified pizza as a vegetable, you can’t just pass a law and magically change the underlying genetic makeup of an entire ethnic group.

Thats not how this works.


The majority of Filipinos are descended from Austronesians, a distinct genetic group that includes other ethnicities from Southeast Asia, originating between 3,000 and 1,000BC.  On 23andMe’s genetic test, this shows up as “East Asian.”

The majority of Polynesians have genetic markers that are much older than Austronesians.  We’re talking pre-Holocene era, 12,000BC.  On 23andMe’s genetic test, this shows up as “Polynesian.”

Polynesian people moved quickly amongst the islands, so there is not enough genetic variance to determine which island my ancestors are from…but, we know for certain I have no Asian in me.

Source: Wikipedia

keahimakua asks:
now that you know you are part polynesian, it would be fun to explore what kind: Samoan, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Tongan, Maori, Fijian? Now your thick body and fine big balls make perfect sense... ;)

Its been a real mind-fuck learning the cultural identity I’ve carried my entire life is wrong.  I was raised Filipino, but this genetic test says I’m actually Polynesian.  What do I do now?

  • Will it be cultural appropriation if I continue to enjoy and benefit from Filipino culture without being Filipino?
  • Is it inappropriate for me to make Filipino jokes now that I’m not Filipino?
  • Do I have to tell my eyebrow waxer that she was right and I’m not actually Filipino?  I’d hate to give her that satisfaction.

I’ve been a little confused about my cultural identity thanks to the vagueness of 23andme’s “Polynesian” classification.  Polynesia is comprised of 15 different countries, each with very distinct cultures and traditions.  I might be Samoan, I might be Tongan…its impossible to know because the genetic tests available aren’t that granular.


I’m probably Maori and me constantly sticking my tongue out is actually a genetic birthright passed down by my warrior ancestors.

Without actually knowing the specific island my ancestors are from, I’ve been adrift in a sea of cultural soul searching.  Picking out the things that resonate with me, trying to form my own understanding of Polynesian culture and how I fit into it all.

One thing is consistent across all Polynesian cultures: without a tattoo, I’m naked.  The pe'a (or tatau, or tattoo) is a painful rite of passage for all Polynesian people; a physical symbol of dedication and bravery.  Nevertheless, each Polynesian group has their own unique tattoo style, which serves as a way to show your heritage or status.

I don’t know where I belong, so I can’t get a proper tattoo…so I’ll forever be “naked.”

I’m thinking I need to form my own visual language to show where I came from.  Hmmm.

buckywright asks:
I really enjoy the freedom of nudity but I don't know where to look for places to go. Where do you find your nudist escapes?

Running nude from dangerous surf on Oahu’s unofficial North Shore nude beach.

I completely understand.

Maybe its because I was raised by nudists, or because I have an exhibitionist streak, but I love being naked.

Obscenity laws in America are difficult to interpret and vary wildly, so its best to stick to nudist-friendly places:

Sometimes my adventures take me to very remote places where the chance of running into another person is very, very low.  So I get naked.

So I lost my wedding ring last week.  Was convinced I left it at the gym and couldn’t find it.  I didn’t want to worry big pup, so I discretely went on ebay, found my ring, and bought it.  (Never buy your ring directly…geeze, ebay was selling it for a third the price).

I’ve been wearing the ebay ring for a week…when tank finds my ring in the laundry.


Well.  Now I’ve got a backup.  I guess.