Noodles and Beef

Japanese souvenir shopping

Where can I find a sexy kitten maid costume that would fit tank?! Ahhh!

Japan Day 1

Big pup and I decided to visit Japan for an impromptu trip before I moved away to Seattle and started my new job.  Its a chance for us to have one last super big adventure.

Flight wasn’t so bad.  Found some sleeping pills in my duffle bag from my last trip so spent most of the flight passed out.  Woke up for meal service.  Chicken teriyaki with rice and this weird multi-grain salad:

Pretty delicious.  The photos don’t do it justice.

This was my first time flying through Narita airport.  A little older than Haneda, but not bad…  Had some trouble getting through with “my husband.”  I forgot that our marriage isn’t recognized here.  Or maybe they require a customs form for every adult.  Hmm.


Took the airport express train to Tokyo, then transferred to Akihabara.  Finally got to our hotel at 5pm.

It’s quite a bit bigger than I expected.  My last hotel room at Akihabara combined the shower and toilet into one…this at least breaks those apart.

Walked around for a bit exploring Akihabara.  Had some wonderful sushi, melon bread, and these cheese pastries.  Ended the evening at the Tokyo Station Pokemon Center.  Just a preview of the mega Pokemon center I’ll be taking big pup to.

Have an early morning tomorrow.  Bedtime.

lonestarpuppy asks:
I just saw a video on facebook of The Rock recording a Haka for a Disney movie, and he was sticking his tongue out towards the end. Reminded me of you :p

Yeah. It all makes sense now that I’ve gotten my genetic test results: I’m Polynesian.

It’s bigger than me. I can’t help it. Clearly this tongue sticking out nonsense was passed down by my warrior ancestors. A sign of natural dominance. It’s in my blood.



Gro Products are never defective, they may just kick in when you least expect it, though…

Animated commission for Shalkaii@FA


Wow, when did they add internet to trans-pacific flights?

Lunch service: teriyaki chicken, this quinoa salad thing, and green tea ice cream. Mmm.


See you in 12 hours, Tokyo

Anonymous asks:
Why can't you just ignore things you don't like and blog whatever the hell you want, like a sociopath?

I think critical feedback is important for personal growth, because I don’t know what I don’t know and it makes me a confident idiot. (See: Dunning Kruger effect).

As an artist, I need it to improve my work.
As a leather man, I need it to push my comfort zone.
As a human, I need it to grow.

Selectively ignoring critical feedback or labeling everything I disagree with as “being trolled” is extremely arrogant. What if I’m wrong? I would be hurting myself and the people I love by allowing myself to stagnate.

That’s what a sociopath would do.

At the same time, most of the harsh feedback isn’t constructive, and very hurtful. Nevertheless, I appreciate the dialog it opens for difficult topics like racism, abuse, or what the best Burger in San Francisco is.

I just think ignoring it isn’t the right solution. What I need is a way to filter out the bad actors who lack the mental and emotional capacity to be helpful.

How to journal? Or, what do I do with now?

This is me when I was 17-years-old.  Just look at that jawline.  Young, naive me had no idea what his silly journal would turn into.

Back when I started this journal, I had a simple goal:

Gain a better appreciation for my life by writing openly and frequently.

It was based on some wonderful advice I had read in Psychology Today on improving your quality of life.  Journaling forces you to record and examine one’s thoughts and feelings, which can improve your perception of your life.

This has worked pretty well for the first 10-years of my blog when I had, like, ten LiveJournal friends who casually read about my depressing teenage life.

Now I’ve got ~2.2 million readers and everything is terrible.

I really enjoy having a large audience, but I find I cannot write in my journal like I used to.  I have to use coded language to describe uncouth activities, censor myself, or (worst of all) pander to the lowest common denominator by posting sexy photos.

Writing for an audience is difficult because text and photos is an imperfect medium for communicating the nuance of my life.  No matter how eloquent, detailed, or verbose I am, folks can take things out of context.

How bad could it be?

It can’t be helped.  Every year my audience inexplicably grows.  Many of my readers are wonderful, delightful, intelligent people with good taste…and a few are trolls.

That’s just how it goes on the internet.  You know you’ve “made it” when you get hate mail.  Just ask Beyonce.

So, what do I do?

I miss my journal.  I want to be able to write openly again…but, how?  Some ideas:

  • Make a private journal?
    • Pros: I can be as candid as I want because I’m the only person who reads it.
    • Cons: I lose the valuable audience-performer interaction that is so critical to my creative work. (Pretty good paper on this here).

  • Offer paid-access content?
    Backstory: I ran an experiment last month selling “I hate Noodles and Beef” shirts to determine the lowest possible price a troll would pay to harass me.  Prices ranged between $1 and $10, and any purchased shirt would result in me donating $10 to the AEF.  Turns out trolls are so cowardly, that they can’t be bothered to spend $1 (costing me $25 for the shirt and $10 for AEF donation) to harass me.  A payment gateway of $1 would stop all trolls.
    • Pros: write about whatever I want, donate 100% of proceeds to AEF or LA&M.
    • Cons: While effective in stopping trolls, I would alienate readers that are too frugal to pay for content.

  • Move to Facebook or some other access-controlled blog platform?
    • Pros: I am mostly free to post what I want, still get some audience-performer interaction.
    • Cons: Facebook doesn’t allow adult content, Livejournal is a russian dating scam, I guess I could build my own platform but I’m lazy.

  • Fourth option: you guys tell me.

I’ve been struggling with the big-audience problem for a few years and its only getting worse.  It is time for me to make a change to my blog so I can start enjoying it again.

Any ideas?

hipcubsf asks:
What's it like arranging a big move with a family as large as yours?

Number of moving-to-a-new-city-related breakdowns I’ve had since signing the job offer: 2

He is most happy down there.

Weekend trip with @alphabeef to Tassajara: an old Zen buddhist monastery that features some wonderful sulfur hotsprings.

It was gorgeous.  Wildflowers in bloom, everything so lush, sulfur on the warm wind…but this was also the peak of horsefly season. We couldn’t go very far without being swarmed, and bug spray was ineffective.


tumblethesenotes asks:
Are you and pup dating? You two are always so cute together and your smut is amazing



Actually, I just asked @puplifepdx to be my boyfriend, and he said yes!

Whoops :P

Ahhh! Congrats you two!