Noodles and Beef

Noodles and Beef, the goodbye video

Video transcript:

I’m not really good at video so, bear with me.

Hi, my name is Dylan, I’m the person who writes Noodles and Beef dot com, and this is my goodbye video!

I started this blog 15-years-ago to gain a better appreciation of my life by writing openly and frequently. Its been an incredible creative outlet, great way to make friends, and–perhaps most rewarding–there are people out there who have benefitted from my writing about poly, BDSM, and other challenging social subjects. Which I think is really awesome…I’m not exactly an expert, so thats pretty cool.

This has worked pretty well for the last 12-or-so-years, when I had about 10 readers on Livejournal. But now I’ve got 2.2 million readers and the audience/creator dynamic is very different.

As my audience has grown I’ve started to attract some bad actors who attack my life under the veil of cowardly anonymity. I’ve been able to ignore them for the most part, but over the last year the hateful messages have taken on a disturbing racist rhetoric and sometime they contain veiled death threats. Which is scary and unacceptable.

This isn’t fun for me anymore. This hasn’t been fun for a while. I only see it trending worse.

I feel like my only option is to close the blog down.

I’ve had a really good run. 15-years, yay! Its gotten so bad that I’m relieved to have the option to close it down. This is a good stopping point. My journey in San Francisco is coming to an end, got a new job, moving my pups up north.

I feel like the time I spend on my blog fielding “blog stuff” can be better spent on other creative projects.

Thank you everyone for reading, I really appreciate it.

Verbal signature, Noodles and Beef.




I think this is our fourth Pokemon Center (Osaka).

Anonymous asks:
Is your dick bigger then your masters?


Heh, no. That’s like comparing an eggplant to a dill pickle.

Hi everyone. @brandedbulltank’s Master here. Tank has a tendency to embellish in favour of me–his “submissive eye” as it were–so I have to jump in with a small correction: he’s a lot bigger than I am.

Tank is obscenely hung. Balls that would make a bull jealous and a cock thicker than a Coke can. He’s so big he can’t really top. Just a big, overly hung, bull.

Kimono thrift shopping. All silk. $5.

They wouldn’t let me try anything on because I’m a dude, so I’m telling them I’m shopping for my 180cm 135kg mom.


noodlesandbeef asks:
I love you pup! Thank you for serving me.


It’s my pleasure to serve you, Master – every day and forever. Thank you for your gift of ownership.

Sigh. I miss my pups.

My laptop battery died and I’m too cheap to buy a charger for it in Japan…so I’m going to be a little slow to update.

I’m the meantime, here are some special edition Krispy Kream donuts from Tokyo.

Top left going clockwise: green tea, green tea cake, mango, strawberry

Donuts in Japan are surprisingly less sweet than in America. These look delicious, but I was disappointed when I didn’t get heart palpitations from the sugary overload.

Tokyo 🚄 Osaka

Bullet train.

It’s running faster than the sensor refresh rate of my cellphone, so buildings are skewed diagonally. Wow.

beastpup asks:
What do you guys eat for breakfast while you're in Japan? I can't get enough of eating vicariously through your food adventures right now!

Hi, pup!

Breakfast has been boring, small, and carb heavy. We usually grab a breakfast pastry from the many French bread stores in Akihabara station.

I’ve had a lot of trouble maintaining my high protein diet (even with the powder I pack) whenever I travel through Asia.


Sumo practice in Tokyo

This was awesome

Japan Day 2

Our biological clocks still running on Pacific Standard, we were wide awake at 2am.  Perfect time to cab over to the Tsukiji fish market to catch the famous tuna auctions, explore the vendor stalls, and eat at the secret sushi bar hidden inside the fish market.

I was very happy.  Something about the singing Japanese men auctioning off tuna resonates with me.

My secret sushi place within the market was apparently no longer a secret.  A line wrapped around the store with a sad sign saying they couldn’t accommodate any more customers.

Sushi shops surround the outer market, but we were very disappointed.  The uni was not fresh at all.  

So we tried cleansing our palates exploring the outer market, buying pieces of raw, fresh fish that caught our eye and eating it on the spot.

Mmm.  Whatever that was.

Went back to the hotel, napped, hit the SONY flagship store at Tokyo Center.  Absolutely gorgeous interactive displays, complete collection of SONY lenses, but oddly overpriced above MSRP.

We ended up going back to Akihabara where I bought my new lens.

Then lunch at an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu restaurant.  Wagyuu beef for ~$20 USD.  I was in heaven.

Caught the Yamamote line for the the Mega Pokemon Center, where I spent a lot of time playing with my new lens.  Its perfect for dramatic, sharp, architecture shots, macros, and tight portraits.  It could easily become my primary lens.

Big pup bought a three-foot-tall Charmander plush.  No idea how we’ll get that thing home.

Ended the evening at a small Tokyo-suburb onsen.

I wanted to take big pup to Takaragawa or one of the big onsen resorts in Tokyo, but couldn’t because of his full-body tattoos.  Most onsen (and even public beaches) refuse access to people with tattoos because fo the possible association with Japanese mafia, the Yakuza.  Sigh.

This little onsen was cute though.  A very unique, Japanese experience.

We shared the bath with a dozen families winding down during the middle of the week.  I got to practice my Japanese with a couple (presumably) salary men, while some kids asked if big pup was a professional wrestler.

Big pup enjoyed himself, that makes me happy :)

capndonutbear asks:
Hey, Big fan of you and your pups. I'm actually a powerlifter in training as well and was wonder if I could get any helpful tips and/or advice about such from Tank. With that massive size and strength I'd love his input.

We’re all too busy to give free, personalized, coaching, but tank and I have each written very detailed and extensive posts about bodybuilding and powerlifting. It’s a really great place to start if you’re new.

Just follow the links in the main navigation of my blog.

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I deserve this.

Inspired by my friend @sugarray53, I was originally going to get the Sony 28mm f2 with the 16mm fisheye attachment. Affordable, compact, good reviews, and my shortest prime was the 55mm. This lens would fill a big (narrow) gap in my collection.

Got to play with it hands-on in Akihabara…where it was sitting next to this beast:

The Carl Zeiss 25mm f2 Batis.

Smaller, lighter, and prettier than the Sony lens. It uses an OLED range finder on the barrel and looks like the brain child offspring of Jonathan Ive and Dyson.

I played with it. Love at first shot.

The best sub-55mm lens I’ve ever used. I had to have it.