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Noodles and Beef
Noodles and Beef

August 15th, 2017 Week 33 of 52

In this week's issue:

Piercing therapy

You know what I haven't tried yet? Dealing with my depression through piercing my flesh.

When my dad died, piercings provided a welcome distraction from grief. Perhaps I'd get a similar effect getting my nipples redone.

14g titanium. They didn't hurt at all. I felt only endorphins. It was wonderful.

This week in Angus

Slow-mo video of Angus' massive load. Angus was being really cute this week, sending me lots of sexy photos and videos.
Angus Angus
Angus Angus
I couldn't keep these to myself...Angus' is looking very beefy and I love showing him off. Thank you, pup :) I love you.

2g PA and bottoming towards emotional security

I put my PA back in to compliment my new nipple piercings. With it comes my neutered inability to top (do people really have sex with these in?) and since my wired nipples are off-limits, my only erogenous zone is my hole.

This has manifested in some very sexy three ways with Alpha and Biff.  Although I need to warm up to take Alpha's girth, Biff has been loading me up regularly.

If physical intimacy is my primary love language, I have been extremely secure in my relationship with Biff because of our very regular love making. I'd love to achieve the same security with Alpha...I think that means rotating our sleeping arrangement to make me more accessible. Hmm...

Bear Code photoshoot

BearCode shirt BearCode shirt
BearCode shirt BearCode shirt
I had originally met the Bear Code folks at Songkran during the Bear Pool Party. This was a cute swag shirt I recieved for participating...and an excuse to show off my metallic gold thong.

New PR's for gym therapy


I'm very proud of my tatau, but showing it while clothed can be difficult. Today I worked out wearing mesh to showcase it in a more modest way.


This week I successfully did 6 reps at 585lbs without blacking out. I followed that with deadlifts at 315lbs for 6-10 reps across four sets. I was astounded by my lifting progress.

I've been running 200mcg of PEG-MGF and I believe it's responsible for my strength gains. Think of PEG-MGF like a synthetic splice of the growth hormone chain that's responsible for both damaged muscle recovery and satellite cell growth.

I'm only two weeks into my PEG-MGF cycle, but I will have a full report soon.

Why today's newsletter was a day late

Monday evening we had dinner with Tank.

Between our non-communication and my small claims case to collect past rent, I was expecting him to put up a fight. But, he ended up surprising me. We had a really wonderful dinner (which he offered to pay for). He thanked me for supporting him when he was unemployed and offered to repay me as a gesture of goodwill.

His ideal outcome is that we could be a positive force in each other's lives again. I was a teary mess. I am scared about him repeating past mistakes, but hopeful he's had some personal growth in this time.

At the very minimum, if he wants to be friends I told him we needed some couples therapy.

We'll see what happens. It is clear we both love each other very much.

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