Hi everyone!

Something really embarrassing happened.  Last month I had a 200-300% spike in subscriptions.

“Oh, cool.  More readers. I hope they don’t get bored.”

Then my host shut my email service down.  Most of these new “subscribers” were actually fake emails from spam bots.  I do something called “double opt-in” where I confirm you really want to subscribe several times…this requires sending a confirmation email, and fake emails will trigger a “complaint.”  After thousands of complaints about me sending emails to fake addresses, my host shut me down for suspicious activity.

This is why you haven’t seen any updates for a while.  I also couldn’t send an email explaining why I wasn’t sending emails.

ITS ALL FIXED NOW.  I’ve added a simple brute force check to my silly website and a CAPTCHA.  It appears to be working.

Sorry everyone!  We’ll be returning to my usual boring life.

Here’s what you missed, as instagram photos:

Was it good for you?