Whelp. Mardi Gras.


Party Score


Party: Rapture
Venue: Hordern Pavilion
DJs: DJ Kitty Glitter and about 12 people I cannot remember
Music: F (although Kitty gets an A+)
Lights: F
Amenities: A+
Density: F
Party stack: 240mg M, 4800mg Piracetam, 800mg Choline, 250mg caffeine

So this was a little disappointing. Cher headlining pushed the Mardi Gras party over capacity. 15,000+ people crammed into the venue. There were periods where it was so crowded we could not move, and all those bodies dancing meant it was so hot, the air would condensate into club rain.

DJ Kitty Glitter was incredible (as usual), but the other 12-ish DJs dispersed throughout the various venues were severely lacking. Worse yet, each venue was separated by 10-minutes of walking, so you couldn’t quickly jump between DJs to find something you liked. The trips between spaces was…painfully sobering.

I kind of felt like we were playing Goldilocks and the three clubs…each one was just a little off. Most had no ventilation, others had terrible lights, one the speakers were so loud the sound bounced sweat off my body.

I had such high hopes, but was completely disappointed, and with the party stack I was on, my disappointment grew into more negative feelings. We ended up leaving early 🙁

20180304_025944-picsay Screenshot_20180304-195615-picsay 20180304_000721-picsay 20180304_004637-picsay

But! We got to meet our friends, dance with them, hang out. That was fun.


…and I got some much needed pup time. Easily the highlight. Sir can always get me out of a bad mood. But constantly needing that was draining.

Oh well. I think next time we would focus our energy on the unofficial parties.

Was it good for you?